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You Deserve The Best!
The Best Rate, the Best Product and the Best Service.
That's what I do! As your Mortgage Planner, my only job is looking out for your best interest. I am passionate and dedicated about becoming Your Personal Mortgage Planner for Life! More lenders are competing for your business today than ever before. Knowing what's right for you - and how much to pay - is becoming increasingly complicated. Through the application process, we will go over your needs and goals. We will go over Variable Rate Mortgages and Fixed Rate Mortgages; maximizing Pre-Payment Options; Payment Flexibility; Tiered Mortgages and Split Mortgages. I will recommend the best programs available to make sure those goals are met and together we'll decide which mortgage is best for you and your financial future. No pressure. No ulterior motives.
And the best part; rates are always the lowest - and my service to you is free.

I promise to keep in contact with you throughout the life of your mortgage to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. I want you to return for your subsequent purchases, refinances and mortgage renewals. We will build a strong element of trust through this process, as you know I will go the extra mile to help you achieve your financial goals. I want you to feel comfortable and excited to refer your family, friends and colleagues to me. I want you knowing that I will take care of you and them the BEST that I can.

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Rein Weber AMP
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